CET Chews Reviews

CET Chews are loved by dogs and cats as well as their pet parents. Pets think they are just getting something tasty to chew, but pet parents know that CET Chews are cleaning their pet's teeth and freshening their breath with every chew. See what pet parents have to say about CET Chews. Buy CET Chews

Our dog's favorite treat

Low-fat, healthy treat (helps keep tartar off teeth). Our pet has to be on a very low-fat diet, and it was hard to find low-fat treats until we discovered CET chews. He loves them and we are happy to give him a "safe" treat as a reward when he's good.

Vet recommended

Have a small breed dog that gets a build up on her teeth. Veterinary recommended these and they do help - gets one every evening. Due to varying shapes and sizes of each piece, she doesn't always finish it in one evening.

My dogs LOVE 'em

My dogs both LOVE these chews. They each get one of the Petite for small dogs at night after they take care of business & settle down for the night. My husband always says that he needs to try one just to see why they get so excited. They've been getting these for the past 9 years & still go crazy when that package is opened. We've had to get the oldest's teeth cleaned recently (12 yrs old) & the 10 yr old has some build-up but not bad at this point.

Casi & Sami love their CET chews!

My two Jack Russell's love the CET chews. We get the petites. I've been buying them from our vet at more than double the entirelypets.com price. Since they cost so much from our vet I would break one in two and used them as the occasional treat. All you had to do was show them the bag and they would get excited. When I found the CET chews on entirelypets.com at a GREAT price I bought 6 bags. They came yesterday and the girls were in the kitchen with me when I was taking them out of the box. They went nuts! I kept taking another bag out of the box and another. They were both dancing in the kitchen.
Casi and Sami can have a whole chew each day. The chews are wonderful for their teeth and breath and they love them. I ordered them late last week and had them just a few days later. We are also set-up on autoship. My girls think Mommy is a hero!

Excellent product!

Excellent product with the added benefit (and why I bought it originally) of serving as the best tooth and gum brush available. Tartar was gone within the first 10 days; one chew treat a day. Because this CET product is veggie - most importantly rawhide free - it does not upset dogs' digestion tract. An absolute winner.

Product getting smaller and thinner

We've been ordering the Large 30 count CET Chews for many years and the chews in each bag have progressively gotten smaller and thinner. We have now decided that they are not worth the cost. Unfortunately, will need to look elsewhere.

CET Chews

I would recommend this product for other dogs. I happen to have an extremely fussy, spoiled Chihuahua/Yorkie who turns down practically everything. She wouldn't try it even when I put peanut butter on it. She's has never been much of a bone chewer anyway but I thought I'd give her a chance. My son's dog loves them!


I made the mistake of getting the medium chews. They are too small for my dog. In the past I have ordered the large ones and they were fine.

Quality Control Problem

I have purchased this product for YEARS. But my last order contained a shock - all five packages weighed in at far less than the open and partially used one in my pantry. I compared the product and discovered that each chew size was significantly smaller than for the past 5 years. A HUGE change. Same price though, even with 1/3 LESS PRODUCT in the bag! Called the manufacturer who said this is not the first complaint of this kind, and that they are looking into it. I hope they correct their manufacturing standards because our dog loves these, and her teeth are gorgeous!